Khadejiah Biglow

It all started when I moved to Colorado, everything was going great.  I started school, had good grades, and had great friends.  A couple months later, I started hanging out with a new group of friends.  The “cool kids” .  I started skipping school, smoking and drinking.   After that, I dropped out of school completely.   I didn’t think I needed it.   But I soon realized, I was wrong.   I wanted to go back to school but I was still hanging out with my new “friends”.   I was fighting and doing criminal acts which led me to court and probation.

I started thinking to myself, “I want to succeed”.   “ I need to succeed”.   I started looking for an alternative and credit recovery high school.  I wanted to make a change.   I then found the E3 credit recovery,  “The Career Building Academy”.   It works for me.  I come in everyday, do my class work and do construction the second half of the day.   It keeps me occupied and out of trouble.   I like it.   The teachers are amazing, and so are the students.

I’m so glad I found this program.   I feel like I’m going to succeed and be the best that I can be.  I’m so close to graduating, so close to success, so close to making my family and friends proud of me and so close to happiness.

-khadejiah biglow.

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Ahbreyonna Sturlaugson

How I Got Here
Ahbreyonna Sturlaugson

I really did not see myself graduating anytime soon. I was so caught up in hanging out with the wrong type of people and started to find myself in the wrong places at the wrong time. Before I came to The Career Building Academy, I had dropped out of high school for six to seven months. I had lost myself and had given up on all my dreams. In November of 2013, I moved into my best friend’s home, Destiny Brown who continuously encouraged me to return to school.

I would always tell her that I was too busy, but in reality I was just scared that I might not graduate and would be left behind. I did not decide to go back to school until I found out I was pregnant, but I did not know of any schools to enroll in. After all it was the middle of November; finally I came up to the school with Destiny and met Mr. Johnson. We talked about me attending the Walsenburg campus. I was really looking forward to going to that campus.

When we came to the end of the meeting Mr. Johnson asked me a question that I will probably never forget. He asked if they were any health conditions that he needed to know about, at first I told him no but it was like he already knew. He asked me the question again, me not being able to hold back the tears, I started to cry. I told him I was pregnant and that I did not know what to do or how to tell my family. Mr. Johnson simply replied no worries, we can help you.

Next thing I know, I was enrolled in school. The first couple of days I attended school here at the Colorado Springs campus. I did not feel confident in my work but I continued to work hard. That following week Mr. Johnson told us we were going to the Walsenburg campus. I got so excited that I went home and told my family what was going on and that I was pregnant. They were all excited about me being back in school but said that they were going to kick my “you know what”.

After a while they were really happy for me and said that they would support me every step of the way. When we left for the Walsenburg campus my mom rode with us, this gave me the confidence to continue and not give up. Mr. Johnson and his staff gave the parents and students a tour of the school. He showed us where we would be sleeping, studying, and eating. The first week in Walsenburg was very difficult, being away from my family made me very home sick but I pushed that to the side and made it through the first week.

Refreshed from seeing my family that weekend, I went back to the Walsenburg campus and found that it was a little easier than the first week. After the second week I really did not want to be away from my family, but I knew I had to go back. That following Sunday I became ill and my doctor asked if it was possible for me to stay in the springs. I made the decision and told my doctor that I could stay. No one returned to the Walsenburg campus for three to four week, needless to say Mr. Johnson was not very happy with the students.

I did not want to let Mr. Johnson down so I called him and asked when we were going back to the Walsenburg campus, he told me we would leave Monday. We were unable to go because no one else showed up, so we tried again the following week. This time Mr. Johnson was able to get all of the students to come back but said that we had to stay at the Walsenburg campus for two weeks instead of one. No one wanted to stay that ling but we all signed a contract saying we would stay the whole two weeks. I really did not want to stay away from my family so I decided to work so hard that I would be exhausted at the end of each day.

So that is what I did, I worked from the time we woke up at 8 am to 8:30 pm. I was so determined to get done that I did not realize how fast I was actually working. I completed twenty-eight classes in a week and a half; I was so amazed with myself and did not know that I had all that potential. To tell the truth I thought it was a prank when everyone was congratulating me. When I got home, I cried tears of joy and was so grateful that I decided to return to school.

The very next day I went to Pikes Peak Community College and enrolled to earn a Bachelor`s degree. I am not going to stop after that, I want to join the Air force and serve my country. So that I am able to provide for my child, whom I love and will be here soon. Finally I want to say that I did not have faith in myself and everyone who stood by my side helped me realize that I can do anything I put my mind to. Without God, my family, Mr. Johnson, and The Career Building Academy who became a part of my family, I would be a high school drop-out.

Thank you for all of the support.