Our Mission & Philosophy 
The Career Building Academy’s purpose is to serve career oriented high school students who seek to be educated in all aspects of the residential and commercial building trades.

Philosophy of The Career Building Academy
The Career Building Academy was created to provide high school students, through a planned sequence of hands-on experiences, insight into the many career opportunities in the residential and commercial construction industries.

Students who complete a basic two-year program will gain fundamental skills and knowledge in approximately 20 trade areas common to the construction industry. Students will also be offered the opportunity to specialize in one of four trades (framing, plumbing, electrical, and mechanical).

This unique specialization aspect of the program will provide the student a jumpstart on a future career in the construction industry.

Students will work with a professional craftsman in their chosen trade, gaining hours of knowledge and skill training that will allow the student to transition from high school graduation directly into the job marketplace.

The documented hours of training will apply directly toward licensing by the applicable Colorado Licensing and Examination Board and the Pikes Peak Regional Building Department.

Students may apply hours earned at TCBA to a Residential License (2 years w/ 3,400 hours), Journeyman license (4 years w/ 6,800 hours), or Masters License (5 years w/ 8,500 hours).