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Introduction – The Career Building Academy is a 501(C)3 non-profit organization, and a Charter School, designed to introduce students to a wide spectrum of career choices and provide Workforce Certifications

The Problem – Many high school students are not academically motivated and not all students are going to college. Many are bored with current subject matter which are irrelevant to career choices.

Why Do Students Drop Out?- Specific risk factors include: Low Attendance, Failing Grades, Family Obligations, Lack of Relationships and Engagement, and Lack of Interest.

Non-college career path opportunities are not introduced to students.  TCBA offers Career choices in the following career pathways:

            • Construction
            • HVAC
            • Plumbing

    9th grade serves as a bottleneck for many students who begin their freshman year only to find out that their academic skills are insufficient.

    Academic success in 9th grade course work is highly predictive of eventual graduation. Unfortunately, many students are not given the extra support they need to successfully make the transition to high school. As a result, over one third of all dropouts are lost in 9th grade.

    What Are the Costs of Dropping Out of High School? – Over the course of a lifetime, a dropout earns:

              • $260,000 less than a high school graduate
              • Will cost the nation more than $319 billion in lost wages
              • Will cost $17 billion in Medicaid and expenditures for uninsured health care
              • Increasing graduation rates of male students by 5 percent could lead to a combined societal savings and revenue of almost $8 billion each year by reducing crime-related costs.

    A Solution

    The Career Building Academy bridges the gap between the student and subject matter that is meaningful to the student. TCBA is a hybrid approach, combining vocational training with applied academics. TCBA students actively participate in a comprehensive project-based certification curriculum with industry mentoring by trade professionals and follow an applied curriculum in math, science, and communications.

    What Are Possible Prevention’s?

    Achieving Graduation for All: A Governor’s Guide to Dropout Prevention and Recovery, a report released October 2009 contains several components including:

    Early identification of students and placement in mentoring programs. Hands-on activities such as vocational education and sports activities.
    Small class size with a low teacher student ratio.

    Diploma Plus programs that offer students progress through innovative programs that meet academic competencies that are mapped toward state standards. To earn a high school diploma, students must successfully complete real-world projects.


              • Fully insured
              • Adhere to all current OSHA standards.
              • Students will wear uniforms for safety and identification purposes, and to provide a sense of team building
              • Students MUST complete the 10 Hour OSHA Training

    Who Benefits?

              • Benefits students by providing career opportunities upon high school graduation
              • Addresses the shortage of skilled workers entering the workplace by exceptional training
              • Promotes a partnership between students, the high school, parents, and the community
              • Benefits the community by preparing responsible workers and citizens

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