Our Mission

Engage Students
Educate Students
Employ Students

Our Philosophy

The Career Building Academy was created to provide high school students insight into many career opportunities, through hands on experience and on-the-job training.

Students who complete a basic two-year program will gain fundamental skills and knowledge in many trade areas. This unique specialization aspect of the program will provide the student a jumpstart on a future career.

Students will work with a professional craftsman in their chosen trade, gaining hours of knowledge and skill training that will allow the student to transition from high school graduation directly into the job marketplace.

The Career Building Academy specializes in at-risk youth, drop outs and credit recovery. With our online academic schooling, students gain credits on campus, at their own pace, and receive help from licensed teachers if needed. Our graduates earn an average of 3.6 credits per month. That’s an average of 32 credits per school year!

TCBA is a tuition free public school of choice!


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